Can I get a copy of my divorce decree online in Colorado?

How Do I Access Colorado Divorce Records Online. The Colorado state government website provides uncertified Colorado dissolution of marriage certificates online through the The Official Web Portal.

How do I get a copy of my divorce decree in Colorado?

*For a copy of the original divorce decree, contact the county district court that issued the document. We provide verification of marriages, civil unions and divorces for the years 1900 to 1939 and 1975 to present, recorded with the Colorado Office of the State Registrar.

Are divorce decrees recorded?

The Provincial Archives holds divorce records for most Judicial Districts but the records are not more recent than about 1975. For divorces after these dates, you need to contact the Courthouse in the Judicial District in which the divorce occurred. Contact information can be found on the Alberta Court’s website.

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How do I get a copy of my divorce decree in Douglas County Colorado?

Records can be ordered in person from Vital Records Section at 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South Denver, CO or online at, online orders may be subject to additional fees.

Where can I get a copy of my divorce decree in Cook County?

Certified copies are available from the circuit court clerk in the county where the dissolution of marriage was granted.

How do I check the status of my divorce in Colorado?

First locate the office of the clerk of courts in the county where the divorce occurred. This can be found fairly easily using the Court Docket Search tool provided by the state website. After finding the specific court, the requesting party must submit in-person or mail in a query to the clerk of court.

How do I look up court cases in Colorado? is among the first online, statewide, real-time court record sites in the United States. You’ll get access to Colorado court records including Denver County as an optional add-on. Access to trial court case documents and files are not available directly through the Colorado Judicial Branch website.

How long after decree is divorce final?

On average, it can take 20-22 weeks to get a decree absolute pronounced – which is the final stage of the divorce process that legally brings a marriage to an end.

What happens after divorce is granted?

Once you’ve received your certificate for divorce, this means that the divorce has effectively become final. From this point onwards, no appeal can be made against the divorce order and you’ll no longer be legally married. You’ll then be free to remarry.

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How do you know when you’re officially divorced?

Your divorce is final on the day the court signs the divorce decree. You normally will receive it a few days later, since it is sent to your attorney, who will then send you a copy. You are legally divorced as of the date the decree is signed.

Where do I get divorce papers in Colorado?

In order to start the divorce process while representing yourself, you’ll need to complete divorce forms. You can obtain these forms online from the Colorado Judicial Branch’s divorce and family matters forms index. Although these are official Colorado forms, individual counties may have additional requirements.

How do I get a copy of my property deed in Colorado?

Property Deeds

You can obtain a certified copy of your deed by contacting the County Clerk and Recorder.

Where do I file divorce papers in Douglas County Colorado?


Douglas County, CO Divorce Court Information. Colorado Judical Branch.

Court Name: Douglas County Court
Court Title: In the Circuit Court of Douglas County, Colorado
Circuit Court Location: 4000 Justice Way, Castle Rock, Colorado 80109
Court Phone: 720-437-6200
Court Fax: 303-688-1962

How can I check my divorce status online?

Go online. Another way to check the status of a divorce is to go on the Internet. There are various websites available, such as, which will allow you to check the status of a divorce or obtain other records for a small fee.

What is the final divorce paper called?

The decree absolute is the final decree which actually dissolves the marriage. Once this has been granted you are ‘divorced’. Sometimes people are advised to await the approval of a financial settlement before applying for their decree absolute.

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Are divorce records public information in Illinois?

Illinois divorce records are not public information. While general information regarding the divorce may be open to the public, certified Illinois divorce records are strictly accessible to the registrants, their legal representatives, and persons who can demonstrate a direct and tangible interest in the record.

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