You asked: What is a divorce Mount transfer case?

The “Divorce Mounted Atlas Transfer Case” has been created to give you all of the great gearing options, parts availability, and strength features to vehicles that require a remote mounted transfer case. … This transfer case functioned identical to others and had a front and rear driveshaft.

How does a divorced transfer case work?

A divorced or independent transfer case is completely separate from the transmission. It is located further down the driveline than a married transfer case and connected to the transmission output shaft by a short driveshaft.

What are the benefits of a divorced transfer case?

Well, if I can remember back that far (that was a joke,BOB) the benifits of the divorced case is, a longer front drive line, extra cross members, 2 more u-joints, longer control rods, four (4) more mounts. And all this located right in the middle of the truck just to make sure you get high-centered on it.

What is the strongest divorced transfer case?

The dodge divorced NP205 (I have a 1974 NP205) is the strongest of the divorced 205s having 32 spline input and outputs. They were used in GM, Dodge, Ford, and IH…

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What model Ford truck has a divorced transfer case?

The F-250 switched from a divorced transfer case to a married (attached) transfer case in 1977. But this 1977 still has the divorced transfer case found in the “Highboy” models. This truck shows that 1977 was an exception to the “highboy” 360 V8 theory.

Can you drive with a bad transfer case?

Driving your car with a bad transfer case is a bad idea. If you continue to drive with a transfer case that has a serious mechanical problem, you could destroy it beyond the point of repair, and possibly damage your transmission, driveshafts and axles in the process.

Can you drive without transfer case?

Without a transfer case, you will not be able to drive the vehicle since the power is split 50/50 to the front and rear drive shafts and in 4WD or 4H mode. … Hence, without a transfer case, a traditional 4WD vehicle cannot drive.

What does NP205 mean?

GM New Process 205. GM TRANSMISSION AND TRANSFER CASE INFORMATION: The early GMs 1968-70 used a Dana 20 & Rockwell style transfer case and no adapters are available for these vehicles. In 1971, New Process introduced a model NP203 (chain-driven), and NP205 (gear-driven) transfer case.

Do all cars have transfer cases?

All-wheel-drive vehicles often don’t have a transfer case lever or switch; instead, AWD engages or disengages automatically based on driving conditions. Some transfer cases have the ability to send all the power to either the front or rear when needed.

How does a NP203 transfer case work?

The NP203 is a heavy, chain drive transfer case that has a gear drive low range section mounted in front of a chain case. An open, inter-axle differential located in the rear output section splits power between the front and rear axle.

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Is the NP241 a good transfer case?

The NP241 is a solid, reliable transfer case and superior to the NP203 it replaced. … This setup with the slip in the transfer case is also less reliable than when the slip occurs in the driveshaft itself.

What is the strongest Chevy transfer case?

The 205 is obviously the strongest one available and usually easy to find, however the 208 or 241 are pretty good cases and can stand up to what the average truck and driver can dish out.

Is the NP208 a good transfer case?

The NP208 is an honest, lightweight, chain driven transfer case. While it’s not at the top of our list for most desirable transfer cases, its perfectly adequate for everyday use and, save for the slip yoke on the output shaft, there’s nothing inherently wrong with it.

What years did Ford use the NP205?

Ford used driver-side front outputs and a divorced NP205 in its trucks from about 1972 to 1977, then changed to a six-bolt pattern married NP205 with a 31-spline female input through 1979.

What transfer case is in my f150?

The BorgWarner identification tag is typically located on the rear of the transfer case just below the output shaft. BorgWarner Model Number: The first four digits of this sequence identifies the transfer case model. “1356”, “4406”, “1345”, “4407”, etc.

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