Where do I go to file divorce papers in Utah?

Where do I file for divorce in Utah?

Typically, you’ll submit your divorce paperwork to the court in the county where you live. If you and your spouse have separated but still reside in Utah, you can file in your county or where your spouse has lived for the past 3 months.

How much does it cost to file for divorce in Utah?

The filing fee for a divorce in Utah is $333. That fee is paid directly to the Court when you file your divorce papers.

What do I need to file for divorce in Utah?

Utah has a residency requirement for filing for divorce. You or your spouse have to live in the county you want to file in for at least three (3) months before you file. If you have children, you may need to live in the state with your children for at least six (6) months before filing.

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How fast can I get a divorce in Utah?

Utah’s waiting period and other requirements

In Utah, you can expect your divorce to take at least three months. Utah Code Ann. §30-3-18 provides that couples must wait 90 days after filing their divorce petition before a final order can be entered.

Is Utah a 50 50 divorce state?

Utah is NOT a community property state, which means that marital property is not automatically divided 50/50 between the spouses in a divorce case. … Factors such as one spouse’s economic misconduct may also be considered.

How does adultery affect divorce in Utah?

In Utah, adultery doesn’t directly impact property division in a divorce. If a spouse spent a significant amount of the couple’s money on an affair, however, the court may give the faithful spouse a larger share of the couple’s property to compensate for the lost money.

How long after a divorce can you remarry in Utah?

Once the divorce is final, neither party can remarry for at least 30 days. Under Utah law, the length it will take to divorce is determined by the individual divorce situations.

Is alimony mandatory in Utah?

When alimony is awarded, it is usually on a permanent basis: False. The length of alimony is different in each case, however Utah law mandates that a spouse may receive alimony for up to the number of years that the marriage lasted. So if a couple was married for 15 years, alimony could be awarded for up to 15 years.

Is Utah a no fault state for divorce?

Only one spouse needs to file for a divorce. Utah is a no-fault divorce state, meaning divorce can be granted without proving who is guilty. Although, if there is serious fault by one spouse that evidence can be used to affect the ultimate judgment, such as in alimony awards or property divisions.

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Who gets the house in a divorce in Utah?

One of the issues to be settled in a divorce is the division of property acquired during marriage. Utah law recognizes that both spouses contribute to the property acquired during the marriage, regardless of the income source.

How long does it take for a judge to sign a divorce decree in Utah?

According to the judicial code they have 60 days to sign a final order or make a decision if all the necessary paperwork has been submitted. Sometimes a call to the clerk helps. Might be something worth putting in the information available on the website and such.

Does it matter who files for divorce first in Utah?

Some people seeking a divorce are in a rush to file a petition before their spouse. However, it does not matter who initially files a divorce petition. … The process is ultimately the same, whether you file first or not.

Do you have to separate before divorce in Utah?

Separate maintenance allows married couples to legally separate their affairs without obtaining a divorce under limited circumstances. A separate maintenance order governs child custody, child support, parent time, alimony, and property and debt division, but the parties remain married.

Can you date while legally separated in Utah?

Legally you cannot be married to more then one person at the same time. Therefore, until your divorce decree is entered (no sooner then 91 days upon filing for divorce) you cannot remarry. The decision to begin dating again is a personal decision that only you can decide when the time is right.

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