What is a divorced 205 transfer case?

The NP205 transfer case is a heavy-duty, gear-driven unit manufactured by New Process Gear in Syracuse, New York. It was introduced in 1969 and used until about 1993. The part-time, manual-shift T-case was found in GM, Ford, Dodge, and International Harvester vehicles, and in some construction/industrial equipment.

What does it mean to have a divorced transfer case?

A divorced or independent transfer case is completely separate from the transmission. It is located further down the driveline than a married transfer case and connected to the transmission output shaft by a short driveshaft.

What are the benefits of a divorced transfer case?

Well, if I can remember back that far (that was a joke,BOB) the benifits of the divorced case is, a longer front drive line, extra cross members, 2 more u-joints, longer control rods, four (4) more mounts. And all this located right in the middle of the truck just to make sure you get high-centered on it.

Are Divorced transfer cases better?

In my opinion a MARRIED transfer case is MUCH MUCH stronger than a divorced transfer case. The reason for this is there are less driveshafts (less things to break). Also Most divorced transfer cases run much warmer due to the transfer case using it’s own fluid instead of sucking it from the tranny!!!

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What model Ford has a divorced transfer case?

The F-250 switched from a divorced transfer case to a married (attached) transfer case in 1977. But this 1977 still has the divorced transfer case found in the “Highboy” models.

What happens when a transfer case goes bad?

The most extreme cases resulting from a bad transfer case indicate a complete loss of four-wheel or all-wheel drive. Another exhibition of extensive damage to your drive train is the inability to switch back to regular, or two-wheel drive from four-wheel drive.

What is the strongest divorced transfer case?

The dodge divorced NP205 (I have a 1974 NP205) is the strongest of the divorced 205s having 32 spline input and outputs. They were used in GM, Dodge, Ford, and IH…

What does NP205 mean?

GM New Process 205. GM TRANSMISSION AND TRANSFER CASE INFORMATION: The early GMs 1968-70 used a Dana 20 & Rockwell style transfer case and no adapters are available for these vehicles. In 1971, New Process introduced a model NP203 (chain-driven), and NP205 (gear-driven) transfer case.

How do you find NP205?

Identifying an NP205 is relatively easy: It has a cast-iron case and center idler shaft with a nut on the front and a three-bolt cover on the rear, is about 12 inches long, has a center rear output, and usually has an ID tag above the front output shaft.

What years did Ford use the NP205?

Ford used driver-side front outputs and a divorced NP205 in its trucks from about 1972 to 1977, then changed to a six-bolt pattern married NP205 with a 31-spline female input through 1979.

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What does Ford highboy mean?

“Highboy” is an unofficial slang term for pre-77.5 F250 4x4s. They do in fact have a narrower frame. The front bumper mounts on special brackets that adapt the narrow frame to the wider hole spacing on the bumper. There is a bar connecting the bottom front of the frame rails.

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