How much is it to file for divorce in Wayne County Michigan?

In Wayne County, the filing fee for a divorce is typically between $175 and $250. An individual who lacks the money to pay the fee is eligible to request a fee waiver.

How much does it cost to file for divorce in Wayne County Michigan?


Filing Fees $175.00
Divorce (no children) $175.00
Divorce (with children) $255.00
Motions $ 20.00
Support Motions $ 60.00

How much is the filing fee for divorce in Michigan?

The filing fee for a Michigan divorce petition is $175.00 if you do not have minor children. The filing fee for a divorce with minor children is $255.00. A divorce attorney or party filing the complaint will pay the fee at the time of filing.

How do I get a divorce in Wayne County?

How to File for Divorce in Wayne County, Michigan

  1. Establish residency. …
  2. File relevant paperwork. …
  3. Pay filing fees. …
  4. Establish custody of the children. …
  5. Serve divorce papers. …
  6. Go through discovery. …
  7. Negotiate a settlement. …
  8. File the judgment.
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How much does it cost to file for divorce in Michigan without a lawyer?

In Michigan, the average cost for a non-contested divorce can range from $1,200 to $1,500 with court filing fees and other legal documents. If your divorce is contested the costs can dramatically increase with a base price starting at $5,000.

How can I get a quick divorce in Michigan?

To file for divorce in Michigan you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Determine if you can file for divorce. …
  2. Reach an agreement. …
  3. Find the proper court to file paperwork. …
  4. Fill out the correct forms. …
  5. File your forms with the court. …
  6. Serve your spouse. …
  7. Attend all court hearings. …
  8. File the final documents.

Does it matter who files for divorce first in Michigan?

From a legal perspective, it generally does not matter who files for divorce first. … Filing first creates an opportunity to present the court with various orders before your spouse is notified of the Michigan divorce proceedings.

How long does divorce take in Michigan?

The average timeline for most divorces in Michigan is about 60 days or two months. However, that estimation is dependent on a variety of factors. A more feasible estimate is between two and nine months.

What are Michigan divorce laws?

Michigan has “no-fault” divorce. … Your spouse doesn’t have to agree to give you a divorce. You can get a divorce even if you are the person who did something that made your marriage end. You do not need to have a legal separation or even be living apart to file for divorce.

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Can I file for divorce online in Michigan?

For those seeking an inexpensive divorce in the state of Michigan, online divorce is an easy, affordable and fast solution. Online divorce may be appropriate for couples who have an uncontested case. The step-by-step process of preparing divorce documents at makes it easy on you.

How do I file for divorce in Michigan without a lawyer?

It is possible to get a divorce in Michigan without using a lawyer as long as you meet all requirements for an uncontested divorce. You and your spouse must agree on all parts of the settlement, including asset division, alimony, child custody and support and all other related matters.

Where do I get divorce papers in Michigan?

REQUESTING A MICHIGAN DIVORCE RECORD: The Michigan Vital Records office has records of divorces that occurred in Michigan and were filed with the state since 1897. Occasionally, some records were not filed with the state.

Where do I file for divorce in Detroit?

Wayne County, MI Divorce Court Information

Court Name: 3rd Circuit Court for Wayne County
Court Title: In the Circuit Court of Wayne County, Michigan
Circuit Court Location: 2 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48226
Court Phone: 313-224-5510
Court Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Do both parties have to sign divorce papers in Michigan?

Your spouse does not need to sign it. The terms of the divorce will be those laid out in the original divorce complaint, as long as those terms comply with Michigan law. For example, parenting arrangements must be in the children’s best interests, and the division of marital property must be equitable.

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Is adultery a crime in Michigan?

Laws § 750.29.) Adultery is a felony-level crime in Michigan, but the state will only prosecute it if the innocent spouse files a criminal complaint within a year of the offense.

How are assets divided in a divorce in Michigan?

Marital Property Is Divided Fairly

If you and your spouse can’t agree how to divide your property, the judge will decide. Michigan law requires judges to divide property fairly. Fair usually means that each person gets about half of everything.

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