How much does it cost to divorce in Hong Kong?

How much does a divorce in Hong Kong cost? The legal costs of divorce in Hong Kong vary from case to case. However, it is generally believed that if the divorce is a straightforward matter between two consenting parties, a divorce can be obtained for approximately $15,000 HKD to $20,000 HKD.

How long does a divorce take in Hong Kong?

Getting a divorce in Hong Kong normally takes four to six months, provided that both spouses can agree on the terms and will not raise further complications during the proceedings.

Can divorces be free?

Legal Aid NSW can give you free help with your divorce. You can: come to a class to get information about your divorce application, or.

Is adultery a crime in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong courts will accept certain causes as in order to consider that the marriage is irretrievably broken down. Adultery, desertion, consented separation or unreasonable behavior are some of the cases for divorce in Hong Kong.

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You can start proceedings for Judicial Separation if:

  1. Either of the parties to the marriage was domiciled in Hong Kong at the date of the petition;
  2. Both parties to the marriage were resident in Hong Kong at the date of the petition; or.

What are the 5 grounds for divorce?

Following are the 9 common legal grounds for divorce which are widely present in all current enactments on divorce law:

  • Adultery.
  • Desertion.
  • Insanity.
  • Conversion.
  • Renunciation.
  • Cruelty.
  • Venereal disease.
  • Presumption of death.


What can you not do during a divorce?

Top 10 Things NOT to Do When You Divorce

  • Don’t Get Pregnant. …
  • Don’t Forget to Change Your Will. …
  • Don’t Dismiss the Possibility of Collaborative Divorce or Mediation. …
  • Don’t Sleep With Your Lawyer. …
  • Don’t Take It out on the Kids. …
  • Don’t Refuse to See a Therapist. …
  • Don’t Wait Until After the Holidays. …
  • Don’t Forget About Taxes.

Who pays divorce costs?

Usually, the person who applies for a divorce (also known as the ‘petitioner’) has to pay the fee. If you’re applying for the divorce, you’ll need to pay a £550 fee when you send your divorce application to the divorce centre.

Do you need a reason to divorce?

To get a no fault divorce, one spouse must simply state a reason for the divorce that is recognized by the state. In most states, it’s enough to declare that the couple cannot get along (this reason goes by such names as “incompatibility,” “irreconcilable differences,” or “irremediable breakdown of the marriage”).

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Is it better to separate or divorce?

A legal separation would mean one spouse may still be eligible for health insurance coverage from the other spouse’s job, whereas a divorce would end this coverage. A legal separation also allows you and your spouse to continue filing taxes jointly, which can lead to some tax benefits.

What means adultery?

: voluntary sexual activity (as sexual intercourse) between a married man and someone other than his wife or between a married woman and someone other than her husband also : the crime of adultery — compare fornication.

Can a Filipino get a divorce in Hong Kong?

Getting divorce in HK is an option. However, the divorce obtained by a Filipina will not be recognized in the Philippines. Only divorces obtained by foreigners married to Filipina can be recognized in the Philippines.

What is adultery case in the Philippines?

Adultery is punishable by imprisonment of Prision Correcional in its medium and maximum period ( range of 2 years, 4 months and 1 day to 6 years imprisonment). Both your wife and her paramour shall be subjected to such punishment if found guilty.

Do both sides have to agree to a divorce?

Generally, the divorce papers do not need signatures from both parties to move forward. There is little need to ensure that the other spouse is in agreement to end the marriage legally. However, if both spouses are amenable to the process, it can permit both to progress through the divorce amicably.

How do I get a copy of my marriage certificate in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong – Obtain Certified Copy of Marriage Record

  1. Send request online.
  2. General Enquiries. Hotline : (852) 2824 6111. …
  3. Marriage Registration and Records Office. 3/F, Low Block. …
  4. City Hall Marriage Registry. 1/F, High Block. …
  5. Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry. G/F, Rawlinson House. …
  6. Tsim Sha Tsui Marriage Registry. …
  7. Sha Tin Marriage Registry. …
  8. Tuen Mun Marriage Registry.
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Is Hong Kong a community property country?

Hong Kong does not have a statutory matrimonial property regime. There is no system of “community of property” and property rights are not in principle affected by marriage.

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