Can I get divorced in Portugal?

Portuguese law allows for divorce to be by agreement or contested. A divorce that is mutually agreed requires you and your spouse to agree on key matters such as finances and childcare. … Grounds for contested divorce in Portugal are: One year separation.

How long does it take to get a divorce in Portugal?

If you still can’t reach an agreement on maintenance and child custody, the defendant will have 30 days to respond. After this, a divorce hearing will take place and both sides must produce evidence. After this, the judge makes a decision within 30 days.

What is the process of divorce in Portugal?

In Portugal, a divorce can be obtained by mutual consent or by a contested action. … A contested divorce is applied for in court by one of the spouses against the other, based on legally established facts which, regardless of the blame attached to the spouses, prove the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

How much does it cost to get a divorce in Portugal?

The cost of the divorce process is 280 €. The cost of the process of divorce by mutual consent with sharing and registry of the couple’s assets is 625 €. The process can be free of charge if the members of the couple prove that they have economic difficulties that prevent them from paying the costs of the process.

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How do I register my divorce in Portugal?

To register your north-American divorce in Portugal, it is necessary to have the divorce sentence decreed by the Court, reviewed and confirmed by the Portuguese Family Court (Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa).

Can I stay in Portugal after divorce?

If you have lived in Portugal while you are married and before you divorce, you can continue to live in Portugal after the transition period ends. … After five consecutive years of legal residence, you can apply for Permanent Residence status in Portugal.

How much is child support in Portugal?

If the reference family income is 51% to 100% of the social benefit rate, €116.74 a month is paid for each child up to 12 months of age and €29.19 a month for each child older than 36 months; from 101% to 150% of the social benefit rate, €92.29 a month is paid for each child up to 12 months of age and €26.54 a month …

What is the divorce rate by country?

According to United Nations data from 2011, Russia’s divorce rate is 4.8 divorces per 1,000 residents.

Divorce Rates By Country 2021.

Country Number of Divorces per 1,000 Population 2021 Population
United States 2.5 332,915,073
Liechtenstein 2.4 38,250
Sweden 2.4 10,160,169
Czech Republic 2.4 10,724,555

Can you divorce in a different country?

Based on reciprocity, a judgment of divorce from a state court in the United States generally would be recognized in a foreign country that has a secular legal system. You may wish to consult an attorney in the foreign country to determine if your U.S. divorce decree would be recognized there.

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Why is the divorce rate in Portugal so high?

Divorce rates also increased due to the empowerment of women and their independence. So now, let’s get back to the numbers: Both Portugal and Spain have a much lower number of marriages than the EU average while having a number of divorces slightly above the average. This results in a high marriage/divorce ratio.

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